(Review originally written at 3 November 2006)

Are you guys kidding me? What's up with all the positive reviews on here. I enjoy watching old movies but you have to give credit where it is due and this movie does certainly not deserve all of that praising.

It's a very simple made little movie. The story is incredibly simple and is not really heading anywhere. It's unclear to me what this movie is trying to be; A comedy, a romantic movie or an adventurous one. The movie mixes many of all those elements and the end result is a mixed bag of a movie with an awkward love-story, sporadic action and a vague main plot line.

This is really one of those movies that is heading nowhere and makes a pointless impression. Perhaps if the movie had a more clear main plot line and other small things, such as perhaps a more villainous opposite character, the movie would at least had been more interesting to watch.

The movie mostly relies on its love-story but it is a rather awkward one, that is far from credible or likable. It tries to be original but ends up being annoying instead.

The fun characters are about the only redeeming quality of this movie. They still make sure that the movie is a light and fun one to watch. The main character, played by Robert Taylor, is also quite good and enjoyable. A sort of Indiana Jones like character set in the Wild West. Not as good obviously but certainly comparable.

Certainly not unwatchable but far from a good- or even interesting one to watch.


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