(Review originally written at 2 November 2006)

This is an enjoyable well written comedy that has some great comical moments in it.

This is not a comedy movie that relies on the slapstick antics from Laurel & Hardy but it rather relies on its written comedy moments. It might disappoint the most hardened fans but to everyone well this should be a movie that you can find much joy and fun in. Especially when the boys have to play different characters in the movie; Oliver is forced to play a southern gentleman named colonel Bixby and Stan has to play Aunt Emily. In those sequence it shows how great the boys actually could act. They play the different actors without much difficulties and in a convincing way.

The movie is mostly carried by its story. It's not the best story ever written but it works effective for a simple little comedy movie like this one. It's well written and features some great comedy moments and situations. The movie starts to fall apart before the ending but the good beginning and fun middle compensate for this.

Obvisouly not the greatest and best example of a Laurel & Hardy comedy but it's definitely better than most of their usual work from the '40's. Maybe if it had different actors than Laurel & Hardy in it, this movie would have a better reputation.


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