(Review originally written at 3 November 2006)

If you're looking for creative originality than don't pick up this movie. It's one of those movies of which 12 similar ones are being made of per year.

The movie offers some amusing entertainment and a couple of fun moments but that's about it. The movie certainly ain't bad but it ain't exactly an interesting-original-must-see-genre-movie either. The movie is lacking in true originality for that. The movie also doesn't offer any real surprises and most of the story is typical genre-like-predictable-stuff from start till finish. Nevertheless the movie serves its purpose, so that also means that the genre fans will most definitely be pleased with this movie.

The main actors did a good job in this one. It's true that Amanda Peet and Ashton Kutcher don't have the greatest imaginable chemistry together but they're good actors that fit- and handle the genre well, together with a couple of other good actors in (often too small) smaller roles, such as Jeremy Sisto and Kal Penn.

The love-story isn't exactly always credible. I mean the boy loves the girl, the girl loves the boy and they know it, than what is exactly the problem? Yet they keep running away from each other and bump in to each other multiple times again years later and they clearly still feel the same way about each other. Why do they keep denying their love and keep running away. They make things unnecessary tough for themselves in the movie. It just seems so ridicules and makes this movie far from a credible one. But than again what genre movie really is these days? It's all about the simple and romantic atmosphere of the movie, that people love and often in one way or another can identify themselves with. That is what makes this movie such a pleasant easy and also fun one to watch. Nothing too dramatic going on here, just some good clean fun to kill some time with.

All in all this is not the best genre movie but a perfect movie to watch for on a rainy afternoon.


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