(Review originally written at 2 March 2004)

"The Man with the Golden Gun" didn't do very well at the box offices just for no reason. This Bond adventure is one of the least likaeble and even slightly boring.

I don't know what it is that makes this Bond movie so uninteresting to watch. Maybe it's the lack of a good Bond girl or villain that has a plan to destroy or take over the world. Or maybe it's because the movie lacks some typical Bond moments that all the other Bonds are filled with. But fact is that this Bond is nowhere as good as others.

Still this Bond flick has one interesting thing: Christopher Lee. Nevertheless it stays very unfortunate that a man like Christopher Lee had to be in one of the weakest Bonds. I must also admit that I liked Hervé Villechaize as Nick Nack, who is one of the few memorable things about the movie.

Like I said before; The movie lacks some typical Bond moments, with the exception of Bond at the fighting school which was the only scene that gave me a "Bond feeling". The movie also lacks the fun feeling and humor for which Bond (especially Moore's Bond) is so well known.

Only watchable because of Christopher Lee.


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