(Review originally written at 3 March 2004)

This movie is fun to watch for kids but adults will also find this movie very entertaining and they might even like it more then the kids because of some clever adult jokes.

Let me first say that the animations are totally wonderful. They were wonderful and revolutionary back in 1998 and in a way they still are now.

The voice cast is amazing. Have there ever been so many famous persons involved in an animated movie? The voice cast isn't just big, it also is very well casted. Woody Allen plays a typical Woody Allen character that works really well for the movie and Gene Hackman is wonderful as the villain.

The story itself is very simple and because of that very accessable for everyone. The movie also contains some very good and memorable scene's such as "the big shoe" that actually is a great piece of action. A surprise was the attack on the termites sequence, it was very rich of action and gore and seemed to come straight out of "Starship Troopers", like Paul Verhoeven himself directed the scene. I liked it a lot!

Another thing that really added to the movie was the soundtrack by John Powell and Harry Gregson-Williams. Those two are really a golden duo when they compose together!

About as entertaining as a movie can get.


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