(Review originally written at 2 March 2004)

This movie might very well feature the best characterization of Bond till date but unfortunately the movie itself is not very good.

Let my start of by saying that Timothy Dalton really was a great Bond! I absolutely love what he did to the Bond character in the two Bond movies in which he appeared.

The story is weak even for a Bond movie and at times it is confusing. For instance it never has really become clear to me who is the real main villain (an essential part in a Bond movie). Is it Brad Whitaker (Joe Don Baker) or General Georgi Koskov (Jeroen Krabbé)?

The movie also lacks some good memorable scene's, although the end battle is pretty big and spectacular for Bond standards. The action is good but everything around it is not. Maybe a different story would have helped?

A Bond worth seeing (mainly thanks to Dalton) but not a memorable one.


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