(Review originally written at 10 April 2005)

"The Madness of King George" is far from an excellent movie and a must see but nevertheless it's still both fun and wonderful to watch. The costumes and sets are great and Sir Nigel Hawthorne really carries the movie with his wonderful performance.

The movie is more of a comedy than a drama really. The movie is filled with some humorous moments, dialogs and characters.

Only problem I had with the movie was that it focused on way too many and unneeded characters. Also because of this, Sir Ian Holm's character gets seriously underused. A bit of an ungrateful role for Sir Ian Holm. They could have used his acting skills in a better manner.

Basically the movie is just a little bit over 1 hour and 40 minutes of fun entertainment with some nice humor and an impressive Sir Nigel Hawthorne.


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