(Review originally written at 3 April 2005)

Isn't it funny? Most of the jokes in the movie are extremely lame and often predictable but you're still laughing your butt off because of them. This is thanks to the comical genius that Mel Brooks is. With this movie he shows once more that he was quite probably the best comedy director of the 20th century.

The atmosphere of the movie is totally fantastic because it was shot entirely in black & white. At times you really think you're watching the 1931 Frankenstein movie. This movie is an hilarious and brilliant spoof of that old classic horror movie.

Billy Wilder is extremely good in this movie but person that blew me away was Madeline Kahn. What a talented comical actress she was! Kenneth Mars and Gene Hackman also show up, in extremely hilarious roles.

The story works extremely well for the movie and it flows very well. Most comedies often have both hits and misses but "Young Frankenstein" almost entirely only has hits. It's a rare hilarious comedy that is brilliant both in a comical and artistic way and has some extremely well performances.

Brilliant movie!


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