(Review originally written at 10 April 2005)

Seriously, this movie was really truly bad!

The story is filled with some gigantic plot holes and because of this already 50% of this movie doesn't even make sense anymore and gets very unpleasant to watch. The movie is ridicules and at times laughable bad and it all just leaves a pointless impression.

Visually the movie looks like an average made for TV-movie, complete with some stupid cinematography and horrible looking special effects. But even worse is the awful directing. Poor Casper van Dien and Michael York, they try the best they can but even their efforts can't save the horrible script, awful dialogs and the even worse directing by Robert Marcarelli. Van Dien seems uncertain how to play in most of the scene's, at times he plays his character with sarcasm and fun (kind of like in "Starship Troopers") but in other scene's he plays him totally serious. Not really van Dien's fault but more the director's I think.

Only thing that saves this movie from being a complete disaster is Michael Ironside. He does what he can do best; play the villain. I mean just look at the guys face, great villain actor! Basically he plays his "Total Recall" role all over again. Catherine Oxenberg always is quite a good actress in this but what the point of her character was?...Most of the characters are just mainly confusing. Also it was kind of fun to see William Hootkins in this, by the "Star Wars" fans he is better known as Red Six, Porkins from "Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope".

Poorly made movie, on every front and a waste of the quite good cast. Most certainly not worth your time!


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