(Review originally written at 2 March 2004)

This movie is one of my favorite comedies. There is a great cast, characters and story that are good for some serious laughs.

The movie has a high pace and doesn't slow down for a moment which is in this case a positive thing. It also has as result that the jokes come very fast after each other, some are better than others of course but that's just a matter of taste and the good jokes make more than up for the bad ones.

But strangely the strength of the movie is not in the jokes; It's in the casting. Woody Harrelson gives a top performance and he and Randy Quaid form an odd and because of that wonderful comical duo. But the show stealer is once again Bill Murray. He is crazy! Every scene with him in it is funny and he puts down yet another crazy character on the big screen.

Further more, the story is filled with some crazy character that can only come out of the genius comical minds of the Farrelly brothers.

An underrated comedy.


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