(Review originally written at 26 December 2005)

"Batman Returns" is very entertaining as a movie and is professionally made with some big talents both in front and behind the cameras. Still the movie goes a bit too far at times and becomes utterly ridicules, even for Tim Burton standards.

I'm a big fan of Tim Burton's style so this movie certainly is not a disappointment to me. The movie has this typical and unique crazy look that distinct Tim Burton movies from others. There also are some typical, crazy like Tim Burton characters in this movie, such as the main villains (Penguin, Max Shreck) and especially the bizarre red triangle circus gang. The end result of all those odd and unique things combined, works surprising well and entertaining as a movie, that is watchable for all, so you don't really have to be a Tim Burton fan to fully enjoy this movie.

The story is very simple and because of that it also gets quite ridicules at times, especially toward the ending with the Penguin when the movie loses most of its credibility. The whole duality between the Bruce Wayne and Batman character is highly underdeveloped in this movie and the character of Bruce Wayne is totally uninteresting in this movie, as is Alfred, who both had some good scene's together in "Batman".

The new characters in this movie are a welcome addition to the Batman movie franchise. Christopher Walken and Danny DeVito are both wonderful as the new 'villains', whose characters are really deepened out good enough and are quite humane. But there, also at the same time, lies another small problem I had with this movie. The villains weren't stereotypical villainous enough. Christopher Walken just plays a 'normal' businessman and Penguin is more tragic than he is villainous. Oh, well guess I was just expecting another villainous Joker like character(s) in this movie. Also a welcome addition is Michelle Pfeiffer as Catwoman. She is surprising good and believable in her role and she plays a memorable impressive character and not just only memorable because of the way she looks.

The action is good and there are some good fight sequences. There also are some good new cool Batmobile tricks in this movie. I really want a Batmobile for Christmas now!

The musical score from Danny Elfman is wonderfully present again in this movie which certainly adds to the mood and atmosphere of the movie in a positive way. The good action-editing is from specialist Chris Lebenzon.

All to together its a wonderful and good looking action movie, that is very entertaining to watch, time after time without ever loosing any of its power or entertainment value. This is mainly thanks to the new characters that are in this movie and the lively directing from Tim Burton.


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