(Review originally written at 25 June 2004)

"Ice Age" gives us a sabertooth tiger, a sloth, and a mammoth and lets them go on an adventure. The result is a fun and entertaining movie.

The absolute greatest thing about the movie are the characters. The unlikely trio forms the base of the movie and are wonderful together, also thanks to the voice cast of course, especially the character Sid voiced by John Leguizamo is highly entertaining. Also Scrat the squirrel that pops up every now and then is funny and adorable.

The animations itself are pretty poor compared to many other animated movies. Especially the humans look kind of sloppy as well as most of the backgrounds. Luckily it doesn't make the movie less watchable in any way.

It's a shame that the movie becomes a bit over sentimental at times, especially at the ending. It doesn't quite fit in with the rest of the movie and feels a bit overdone. Still the undertone of the movie is mainly fun and entertaining.

Great movie to watch over and over again!


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