(Review originally written at 26 June 2004)

"The Lion King" is and will always will be regarded as one of the better Disney movies. And it deserves that!

First of all the movie looks visually splendid! The African land scape's are beautiful and so are the animations of the animals itself.

What makes "The Lion King" such a special movie is the emotional dept the story has. The story plays a significant role in the movie and it has some good adult moments. The entire movie has a more of an adult feeling, unlike earlier made Disney's that mainly focused on only young children. Still there also is plenty to enjoy for the young ones, especially the characters Timon and Pumbaa shall be loved by them.

The story is filled with symbolism and reference to mainly the communist regime.

The voice cast is good, mainly of course thanks to James Earl Jones who has an amazing good deep voice. Also the three hyenas are voiced perfectly by Whoopi Goldberg, Cheech Marin and Jim Cummings. Jeremy Irons who voices the main villain Scar really brings his character to live and makes the movie even more worth watching.

There are some typical Disney songs that are good. Also surprising good is the musical score itself composed by Hans Zimmer who also received an Oscar for it. His first and only one but hopefully not his last. Also Tim Rice and Elton John received an Oscar for the song " Can You Feel the Love Tonight" and were nominated for two other songs from this movie.

A must see animated movie with some scene's and songs that you'll not easily forget.

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