(Review originally written at 15 February 2005)

Yes, I'm very ashamed of myself but I can't help it that for some reason I really love this movie.

Maybe it is because I often have a weak spot for over the top moments. The Rocky series of course is filled with some extremely over the top moments and "Rocky IV" really is no exception.

Actually the movie also works as a good history lesson on the cold war subject. I actually had to watch this movie in history class years ago when the subject cold war was treated. It shows how the relationship between the USA and the USSR was at the time and what were the prejudices at the time, for instance that all Russian athletes used drugs and steroids

Of course the story is extremely predictable and you know exactly how it is going to end and that whole thing with that strange robot...well that was just weird. But like in all Rocky movies is the case, it really are the boxing and training sequences that make the movies worth watching. It should get your adrenaline flowing even though you of course know who is going to win in the end.

Rocky I & II had Apollo Creed, "Rocky III" had Mr. T as Clubber Lang and "Rocky IV" has Dolph Lundgren as the opponent, who is a very stereotype strong Russian bear. I love it! This might easily be Dolph Lundgren's best movie.

Say what you want but I just love this movie.


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