(Review originally written at 23 September 2005)

The movie suffers heavily from its poorly written script that is filled with silly and odd moralistic moments and even leaves room for anti-discrimination statements. No, I did not enjoyed "Hart's War" and to be frank, the movie was too long, boring and left an overall pointless and perhaps even silly impression. There even are some totally pointless battle sequences in the movie that felt like a waste of money and could had easily been left out.

The movie is a true waste of talent. Director Gregory Hoblit obviously is a talented person which he also has already proved with some of his previous movies and TV-series episodes. He does his best and certainly provides this movie with a lot of style but he can't help to conceal the silly and bad story of the movie. I felt that Bruce Willis was miscast and please don't be fooled by the movie its cover people, Bruce Willis does not play the main character in this movie. Real main character of the movie is played by Colin Farrell who once more shows his talent. But why, oh why did they let the part of the German camp commander being played by a Romanian guy? You can obviously tell by his accent and when he speaks German that he is not a German himself. And c'mon, it's not like that there aren't any good German actors out there. Further more the movie is filled with characters we never really get to care about.

The movie does not provide a good or realistic view in the every day live and conditions of allied POW's during WW II. This is due to the silly moralistic, Hollywoodized story and moments in the movie. I also found most of the moments in the movie to be predictable and also the ending was no real surprise to me.

There are better POW camp movies out there and certainly better WW II movies. So you're better of skipping this movie unless you are really bored and have nothing else to do or watch. It's worth a peak I guess, thanks to the profession the movie has been made with but I most certainly wouldn't recommend this movie.


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