(Review originally written at 24 September 2005)

"Eyes Wide Shut" is strange and has a very unusual story with multiple layers, symbolism and moments that remain unexplained. From an artistically point of view the movie is beautifully crafted. There are some beautifully shot sequence's and the nudity and sexual moments in the movie are brought in a beautiful, artistic way. It's really like you're watching a painting at times. As a movie the movie simply isn't always interesting enough and it doesn't leave an huge impression afterward. The unaccessible story also doesn't add to the reachability of the movie. It's beautifully made and shot all but it still as a somewhat disappointing last Kubrick movie despite the fact that I still rate this movie quite highly.

Kubrick in his movies always tries to create a world on its own through its always somewhat typical unusual atmosphere. This movie never really succeeds an 100% in creating a good and believable unusual world on its own. Kubrick movies always have a beautiful but yet accessible and understandable unusual atmosphere while this movie just simply has an unusual, unusual atmosphere. It certainly provides the movie with some beautiful artistic moments but the more casual viewer will feel very distant from the movie and its story while watching this movie.

The movie certainly is perfectly directed and the actors really give all they've got. I think it really is the story that makes this movie an unaccessible and far from perfect movie.

Is it a worthy last Kubrick movie? Well, in my opinion yes. Even though this will not be the movie that he will always be remembered for, it still is a movie that has lots of typical Kubrick moments present, which makes this movie a must see for his fans. Perhaps that is also why this movie is just mainly only truly recommendable to the Kubrick fans.


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