(Review originally written at 21 September 2005)

This is a sweet romantic teenage comedy that is better than you might expect it to be. It has an intelligent story with some great characters and a believable well constructed love-story. High-school and ex high-school students should be able to recognize a lot in the movie its story and characters.

The movie delivers on several levels. As a comedy this movie is fun and certainly entertaining, mainly thanks to the well casted actors. Especially Timothy Olyphant is truly great and enjoyable in his 'villainish' porn producer role. Also as a romantic movie, this movie is a really successful one. The love-story is good and mainly, also very original. Basically this movie is a pleasure to watch, from start to finish.

The story has some great turns in twists in it and you never know what is going to happen next. It tries to avoid as many teenage movie cliché's as possible but still unfortunately falls in some traps at times. Still the movie is way better than most other teenage comedies currently being made and some that were made in the '80's, which was the golden age of teenage comedies. This is due to the well written story and characters and the actors that portray them.

The movie is fun and at times also hilarious. It's a very entertaining movie to watch for all ages but mainly for teenagers of course who should be able to recognize some of the elements in this movie. The movie also has some great use of some great music.


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