(Review originally written at 5 September 2005)

I'll admit that I was never to excited about seeing this movie. The trailers and advertising campaign didn't impressed me and the movie to me seemed like a overblown action/science-fiction blockbusters. I'm glad I watched it nevertheless, the movie wasn't exactly subtle or deep but it certainly was entertaining and had a solid story.

Yes, this movie truly is solid entertainment. It has some good and original action sequences and the special effects are superb. Especially the robots look both splendid and impressive and are a perfect mixture of an humane and a robot-look. Also the sets and the movie its futuristic look deserve credit in this movie.

Let's face is, Will Smith isn't as hot as an actor as he used to be. Yes, sure he still makes box offices successes like "Hitch" but he is not the action movie star that he used to be in the '90's. With "I, Robot" Smith however still shows that he has still got it in him and he portrays a likable main action hero character and also manages to put some humor in some of the scene's. Bridget Moynahan however wasn't a great casting choice, yes she has played in quite some successful movies already but I'm convinced of it that this is an actress that will be totally forgotten in about ten years from now. She doesn't make a lasting impression in this movie and the other movies I have seen her in.

The movie could had been just as deep and thought-provoking as for instance the other science-fiction movie, that shows some parallels with this movie, "Minority Report" but this movie chooses to be entertaining instead. And in entertaining it does not fail. The movie is both spectacular and tense to watch, which is also thanks to the plot twists in the movie. It all makes "I, Robot" a science-fiction/action spectacle that I put now on the list, as one of the must sees of 2004.


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