(Review originally written at 21 September 2005)

Forrest Gump in the good old Wild West, that's the best way to describe this movie in just a few words. The character of Jack Crabb sees and joins all the sides of the Wild West during this movie. As an Indian, a gunslinger, a drunk and as a scout for the cavalry under the command of General Custer during the battle at Little Big Horn. The story is told lightly with some relieving humor but also still with some successful dramatic moments.

I'm probably not the biggest fan of the Western genre, around but I found this movie to be enjoyable and entertaining. The story perhaps consists out of too many coincidences to really find it believable but at least it makes the movie light and entertaining to watch. The movie is perhaps a bit of an underrated and certainly forgotten movie that deserves recognition and to be seen by all.

Dustin Hoffman plays a good and likable main characters that truly carries the entire movie. Some smaller roles are for Faye Dunaway and a truly great acting Chief Dan George, who also got an Oscar nomination for his role in this.

Most likely the fans of the Western genre will like this movie the best but to everyone else, this movie is also an entertaining one to watch.


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