(Review originally written at 7 August 2005)

Even though no monsters or real scare moments are present, the atmosphere and the psychological elements of this movies still makes this a strong and original horror movie. Just like the 1973 movie "Don't Look Now", the horror is hidden in the creepy story that keeps you guessing till the end what is truly going on and who you are to believe.

The movie is told in a good slow pace which makes the movie and the characters more realistic. Also the atmosphere is another element that adds to the realistic feeling of the movie. Thing I wasn't really to happy about was the editing. At times the movie jumps just from one scene to another without any 'warning'. For instance, the main characters are talking in the living room and boom, the next moment they are sitting at the dinner-table. I'm almost positive that this was done on purpose and that it was perhaps merely an experiment but it was not something I was happy about. So experiment failed in my opinion.

Really my favorite moments were the dream sequences. There were just like real dreams are; weird and not logical. Quite possible the most realistic dream sequences featured in a movie-history. Real kudos to Roman Polanski for the magnificent directing of this movie.

The actors portray their characters very realistic and are helped by the solid script and dialog. I love how they made Rosemary the only real true main character of the movie. There are not a lot of movies that focus so much on mainly the female character as this movie. Yes, of course there are enough movies where a female is the main characters but most of those movies also feature a much present male character, or other characters. This movie focuses mainly on just Rosemary, especially towards the ending when her paranoia and fear grows and she begins to feel more and more alone and helpless.

An highly original and unforgettable horror movie that is up there with the best movies of the '60's.


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