(Review originally written at 1 July 2005)

This is about one of the dumbest and silliest action movies out there. This is the king, lord, master, emperor of B-action movie's. It has all the elements of a typical B-action movie, over-the-top action, a stereotype villain, unrealistic moments and a indestructible action hero...I really love this movie! In a way it's a real classic. Believe it or not, I grew up with this movie. There were about 3 movies I watched regularly as a kid; "Star Wars", "Willow"...and "Commando"!

Everything about the movie is over-the-top and just plain silly. The story is really weak but it doesn't take away any of the fun. This truly is one of the most entertaining action movies you can watch. The action is really fantastic. Just imaging, Arnold Schwarzenegger in his prime with lots of big guns and grenades against a small South American army, completed with some cheesy one-liners. Which action movie fan will not love this movie? The movie is filled with some flaws, plot holes and huge visual mistakes but in a strange way it makes the movie only more enjoyable.

The movie is really well cast. Of course Arnold Schwarzenegger is about the biggest action hero you can wish for in a action movie. Almost just as legendary is Vernon Wells as the villain Bennett, his character has really grown into a classic one! His wardrobe is laughable and his Australian accent misplaced but wow what a perfect villain! Dan Hedaya is always great and enjoyable in a villain role. He's one of those actors that basically always play the same character. The rest of the smaller villain roles such as Cooke played by Bill Duke are also highly enjoyable and make the movie a joyful experience time after time. Also keep your eyes and ears open for a small role for the then mostly unknown Bill Paxton.

The silly but enjoyable music is from composer James Horner who also was fairly unknown at the time.

For the action movie fans this is an ultimate must see and one of the most perfect silly enjoyable action movies you'll ever see. To everyone else, it's just a silly movie...


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