(Review originally written at 28 May 2004)

How good can a Star Wars fan film get? Want to know the answer? Then go and watch "The Formula"!

Problem with many Star Wars fan films is that many of them are the same and are basically a lame excuse to do a lightsaber duel, which are mostly set in a forest. "The Formula" perfectly spoofs this but without making the fan filmers ridiculous. It's kind of the same as Tim Burton's "Ed Wood" and it's more of a homage to all the fan filmers. In a way it also makes me proud of being a Star Wars fan.

The movie has a great story. What makes the story so great are probably the characters that are in it and some good dialogue. Many of the situations will be very recognizable for those who have ever made or did an attempt of making a Star Wars fan film.

The humor plays a crucial element in the movie and gives it a very good fun kind of feeling. There are some clever jokes and the movie spoofs more than just the Star Wars movies. My favorite element of the movie are the two stereotype Trekkies that are in it, those two are absolutely hilarious and have some great dialogue and show that Star Wars fans are not so nerdy after all, when you compare to them (no offense Trekkie ;-) ).

Sure the movie is not completely flawless. Lets face it, it is and stays an amateur movie. But it's made with much profession, love and passion that'll forget you're watching a low/no-budget amateur movie. But that still doesn't mean that it is always perfect. For instance of course the acting is at times simply weak and not all of the jokes are successful. But in no way all of that weakens the excellence of this movie.

Wonderful film with tons of fun! Especially recommendable for those who are a bit familiar in the Star Wars fan film community.


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