(Review originally written at 21 May 2004)

If you are in the right mood for it than this movie can be the ultimate feel good movie for you.

It's all about the feeling the movie has. The atmosphere and directing is great. The movie shows that love is all around us without ever getting over dramatized.

However when you start evaluating and start thinking more and more about the movie and its story you will notice that it is flawed. Not all of the story's are as good as the others and some of them end quite abrupt and aren't satisfying enough.

The acting is good, Hugh Grant actually is convincing as the British prime-minister and if only the real prime-minister would say the things to the American president (a wonderful role played by Billy Bob Thornton in the movie) that he says in this cool would that be? I would love to see that happen. Liam Neeson plays a very nice role and Alan Rickman is always a pleasure to watch, so also in this movie. Bill Nighy provides the most comical elements of the movie and he does that in a very good and fun way. The movie is full with many cameo's of both British and American actors. Maybe a bit too much but that hardly is a complaint.

But what was with all that nudity and cursing? Now, I'm not against nudity and cursing in movies in any way but I felt that for this movie it was out of place and not needed at all. A movie like this should be very light to watch for the entire family, both young and adults.

But what am I complaining about this movie? This movie is one of those movies where you shouldn't be thinking about too much while watching. Just let the feelings and emotions grab you. The movie of course is best to watch with your lover by the way.

Further more, the movie has a nice soundtrack with both evergreens and new hits.

Excellent very fun romantic movie with an high feel good value.

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