(Review originally written at 28 May 2004)

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"A Clockwork Orange" is a one of a kind masterpiece. It's odd, intelligent, funny and sickening. Kubrick at his best!

The opening sequence in the milk bar might very well be the best and most well known opening in cinema history. The movie manages to stay strong throughout the whole movie after the opening and only gets better and never weakens for a bit. Every minute is a pleasure to watch because the movie never gets predictable in anyway and the oddness level of the movie makes it so that it will be always a surprise what will happen next and how it will happen.

Every scene is pure cinema brilliance. The cinematography, sets, costumes and music all contribute to this, they make the movie a true piece of art. But the true artist is Stanley Kubrick who deserves the most credit. There are countless memorable moments, in other words, watching this movie is an experience that you'll not easily forget.

The violent sequences are sickening, twisted, odd but also funny at the same time. The way they are filmed are unique and very artistic. It's violence in its purest form, it's violence at its best. It gives us a view in the the extreme violent twisted mind of the main character and how he struggles against society and how society struggles against him. The story sounds more complicated then it truly is. The movie itself is easy to follow but it are the layers and deeper meanings that makes this movie not easy if not impossible to explain.

In my experience it is always very hard to comment on a Kubrick movie mainly because his movies always have so many layers and deeper meanings than a single few hundred words comment can describe. It is best to just watch this movie and experience the brilliance of it that is not easy to describe or explain.

In my opinion the best movie ever made.


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