(Review originally written at 30 April 2006)

"Corpse Bride" is a typical dark Tim Burton movie, that does not disappoint-, with lots of crazy characters and an unusual dark Gothic atmosphere. It's a movie that amuses and entertains, despite the fact that the movie does have its obvious flaws.

The story itself for the movie is pretty simple but it serves it purpose. After all, it's not the story that makes this movie, it are its characters and the unusual settings of the movie. This movie is definitely a case of style over substance but what a style this movie has. Visually the movie looks really impresses and it's amazing to see how much the stop-motion effects have improved even more, since "The Nightmare Before Christmas". What really is the best about this movie are the looks of the characters. First of all they all look crazy and weird and they are all beautifully crafted and created.

The movie can perhaps best be described as a mix between "The Nightmare Before Christmas" and "Sleepy Hollow". It has the settings and atmosphere of "Sleepy Hollow" and the crazy silly characters from "The Nightmare Before Christmas". Fans of those other two previous Tim Burton movie will therefor not be disappointed by this movie. In my opinion this movie is even better than those two other earlier Burton movies.

The characters do not only look great and weird but they also are perfectly voiced by its actors. This time Burton uses lot's of well known actors to voice the characters of the movie. Helena Bonham Carter is perfect and Albert Finney and Christopher Lee are also perfectly cast. Especially Lee is hilarious due to the seriousness he voices his character with. Other well known actors who provided their voices for this movie are Johnny Depp, Emily Watson, Michael Gough, the fantastic Deep Roy and Danny Elfman.

The movie has some good music, that might not be that good on its own but it suites the movie its story and atmosphere well. So good job Danny Elfman!

The movie entertains well and it has some great and hilarious sequences in it. The humor is quite morbid and black, after all the movie features lots of corpses and other death related elements. Leave it up to Tim Burton to create some good dark humor without ever really going over-the-top with it. The story might have some holes in it and it all is terribly simple and the ending might feel rushed and abrupt but it all in no way does make the movie any less enjoyable or entertaining to watch.

This movie does not disappoint and it entertains well!


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