(Review originally written at 29 April 2006)

Laurel & Hardy getting in trouble with one or both wives has got too be the most used plot line in the long series of Laurel & Hardy movies. In this movie Oliver Hardy gets into trouble with his wife when she is fed up with cooking for every friend that her husband takes home.

The story sounds simple and so is the movie. It's simple but effective. The comical situations work out well and it makes this movie a worthy first 'talkie' for the two boys. It's not their best or most original movie but it serves its purpose. The plot line for this movie was later reused for the other Laurel & Hardy picture; "Block-Heads", which to be honest is better executed in that movie and it's a more superior movie in general.

Nothing remarkable, just another fine executed and timed enjoyable comical short from Laurel & Hardy, with also the Laurel & Hardy regulars Thelma Todd, Mae Busch and Edgar Kennedy in it.


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