(Review originally written at 7 February 2006)

"Cop Land" began as a real solid well constructed movie with a great story and premise. However as the movie more and more progressed the story and movie became more and more messy and the plot was shaky and the movie lost most of it's credibility and realism in its second halve.

The first halve of the movie is made very realistic. I enjoyed the acting and the story about corrupt cops. I liked were the movie was heading to with its style and story. A real solid thriller it seemed. I would had rated this movie a 7 or maybe even an 8, if I purely had to base my rating on the first halve of the movie. The movie however became highly unrealistic in it's second halve and the story was getting more and more shaky and unrealistic. The violent ending also wasn't truly fitting for a movie like this.

The acting was really what saved this movie- and still made it an interesting one to watch. Sylvester Stallone was great and realistic in his role. It shows that he is a better actor most people give him credit for. He played a role you normally wouldn't expect him to play. Harvey Keitel was also great as the sort of leader of the corrupt side of 'Cop Land'. Other fine, well known actors, show up in some smaller parts. Some of the actors are really underused, such as Robert De Niro who pops up every now and then but isn't really essential enough for the movie. The treatment of the characters felt messy at times and the movie was lacking in depth and character development.

It still is an absolutely watchable- and still somewhat good movie, almost entirely thanks to the acting. It had all the elements present to make this a unforgettable thriller but alas in the end it all still falls short of greatness.


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