(Review originally written at 5 February 2006)

"The Wizard of Oz" is a true classic that inspired and still inspires lots of people and movie makers.

The story is highly imaginative and filled with some unforgettable imaginative, almost fairytale like, characters and events. Once you really start thinking about it, the story is very simple and there almost at times isn't even a clear main plot line. None of it matters though. It's simplicity and charm makes this movie still so perfectly watchable and enjoyable this present day. The story and characters are timeless and than it no longer matters that the sets and other visuals things are outdated. It's a movie that still appeals many, for a good reason.

The movie is extremely cheerful and really has this typical pre-WW II kind of innocence over it. The musical and dancing moments are the best example of this. It's typical MGM stuff and it makes this movie so incredibly charming to watch. It's no wonder that this movie is dedicated to 'the Young in Heart'. The young in heart and those with a vivid imagination will love this movie.

The movie is wonderfully directed by Victor Fleming, who replaced Richard Thorpe, in the same year as he made another timeless classic; "Gone with the Wind".

All of the Kansas sequences are filmed in 'black & white', while all the sequences in Oz are filmed in bright Technicolor. It makes the imaginative world and story work even better and more cheerful. I really find this way of movie-making to be a stroke of genius.

The young Judy Garland is absolutely perfect and wonderful as Dorothy Gale. Truly a memorable classic performance.

A unique movie that still holds up today, thanks to its charm and imaginative elements. A must see for all who are young at heart.


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