(Review originally written at 3 April 2004)

In this strange mix of folklore, fairy tales, horror, symbolism and sexual werewolves, that isn't understandable for the casual viewer. The story nor the style is significant present enough with as a result an unique but not so successful movie.

The directing by Neil Jordan doesn't seem daring enough. The style isn't enough present and the story doesn't quite flow like it should. I'm sure that the story works better in the book and I feel that this movie might should be remade by for instance Tim Burton or Sam Raimi, I'm confident that they could do more with the style and story.

The cast is quite good with a convincing Angela Lansburry and a good young Sarah Patterson in her debut.

Some of the scene's are pretty gross, thanks to the good special effects by Toby Philpott but it doesn't always look convincing.

Interesting movie that could and should have been made better.

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