(Review originally written at 23 June 2005)

The story keeps bumping from one storyline to a completely other and back again. The movie seriously lacks continuity and all of the story lines feel incoherent and pointless.

The movie has a disgusting forcing moral message and theme and of course a predictable happy ending. Oh and of course pointless sex and homosexual couples are included in this Dutch movie, almost if like its a MUST for a Dutch movie to have all those elements.

I admit, Ruud van Hemert is a great actor director. He really makes the actors give all they got. There is nothing wrong with the acting, it was really good as a matter of fact but van Hemert is an awful story director. The movie never really flows because it features some pointless and unneeded plot lines. Also his sense of humor is extremely awkward and I find it highly unfunny.

It's a shame really, because the movie started of actually quite good and I expected to be entertained.

Antonie Kamerling and Beau van Erven Dorens are good as leading characters and so is Daphne Bunskoek in her movie debut. Chantal Janzen's character is for some odd reason extremely underused, even though her character plays an important role in the story. Antonie Kamerling went to Hollywood after this movie but the only person who cast him there is Renny Harlin...ha-ha not exactly a good sign!

Unfortunately this is a movie filled with some ridicules moments that don't make an awful lot of sense story wise. The story itself is ridicules because it lacks a solid main plot line. All of this combined is what makes this movie an unpleasant one to watch.


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