(Review originally written at 1 February 2006)

Tiny problem with most Laurel & Hardy movies is that most of them have some weaker scene's and moments in them. "Come Clean" however is a wonderful exception to this and it's a movie that manages to stay consistent throughout its entire running time.

All of the sequences are very well constructed and are highly amusing. Also some of the slapstick moments are not original but certainly entertaining. The movie also has some great comical spoken lines, which mainly involves Stan Laurel.

Also Mae Busch shows her comical talent and her character gets the boys into some serious hilarious trouble. Mae Busch appeared also in several other comical Laurel & Hardy short's such as "Them Thar Hills", "Oliver the Eighth" and "Unaccustomed As We Are".

One of the better Laurel & Hardy comical short's.


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