(Review originally written at 2 February 2006)

The two parts of the movie have absolutely nothing to do with each other but that's no complaint, since the two part each are absolutely hilarious and well constructed. The timing is perfect.

It is especially the second part of the movie, the huge pie fight, which most people will remember. Basically everyone in town gets involved in the pie fight; the mayor, a costumer at the barbershop, a sewer worker, a person at the dentist. It's silly, it makes no sense that everybody in town gets hit perfectly in the face with a pie but it works oh so hilarious! I don't know why but pie and food fights in movies are always hilarious. Just think about movies like "The Great Race" and "Blazing Saddles".

But really, the first part of the movie is also more than great, in which Stan is in a boxing match against Thunder-Clap Callahan played by Noah Young. That guy is great! He is so intense and has great scary eyes. I think he would had done great in horror movies but I don't know whether or not he ever appeared in one? Don't think so, because to my knowledge he only ever worked for the Hal Roach studio's.
A must see 2 part silent comical short with Laurel & Hardy in top-form.


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