(Review originally written at 1 February 2006)

Pulp, pulp absolute pulp. The story is just as silly as it sounds. The also didn't bother to explain- or make sense to anything. For a monster movie it also doesn't have enough 'monster' in it and the story is not tense or mysterious mainly because it's such a complete mess.

The story is incredible B-movie like. A scientist has created a creature that can transform back and forth between a giant moth (what the...?!?) and a young woman. To stay alive, the moth has to feed itself with fresh blood of innocent victims. This is where Peter Cushing comes in. He plays an inspector who is set to investigate this strange and mysterious murders. An awful few is ever happening in this movie. From start till the finish the movie basically isn't heading anywhere and the movie is filled with dull moments that are distracting from the main plot line of the movie. Yes, it really is a movie about nothing.

The giant moth creature makes the whole even more ridicules. The moth itself is not back looking but the transformation scene's are laughable bad. Even the transformation sequences in "The Wolf Man" from 1941 were more convincing. The moth also gets very little interesting to do in the movie and is only featured in about 3 very short sequences I believe.

The entire movie is also horribly edited together. At times it feels like entire sequences were cut out, or not even filmed. The movie jumps from one sequence to another.

At least Peter Cushing seemed to be enjoying himself during filming. Just look at his face during his sequences with Russell Napier and Vanessa Howard. Also Glynn Edwards was somewhat good and enjoyable in his role. Robert Flemyng and Vanessa Howard were however dreadful most of the time. Also look out for Kenneth Colley (Captain/Admiral Piett from "Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back" and "Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi".) and a very young David Griffin (Emmet from "Keeping Up Appearances".) in quite a big role.

The ending of the movie is also a huge letdown. It's very simple and completely unsatisfying. Perphaps almost even laughable.

Guess it's still only a bit good and scary when you are afraid of moths.


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