(Review originally written at 10 January 2004)

This movie is confusing and the story is a mess.

What is so confusing about it you might wonder. Well, my major problem with the movie is that I can't figure out who are the bad guys and who are the good guys. In my eyes they were all villains and I didn't cared much for which side would win or who would die or survive. And who was supposed to be the hero? I'm very confused.

The story is a mess and full with some serious plot holes and needless plot-lines. there are too many things going on in a too short amount of time which makes the story even more confusing and messy. The movie is made with style but the end result is at times laughable, such as the very abrupt ending. There are too many things left unanswered and the movie leaves an empty feeling.

The acting on the other hand is superb! Peter Cushing as always is wonderful and I also enjoyed the at the time still very young Oliver Reed. Also good were the sets and costumes and the nice music was surprising good.

Only watchable for the Hammer and Cushing fans (like myself, even though this review might suggest otherwise).


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