(Review originally written at 10 January 2004)

Great characters, great actors, great story and many funny moments. Yes, "The Producers" is without doubt my favorite comedy of all time. Well done Mel Brooks!

Like many other comedy's the movie has a fast pace with funny moment after funny moment. What makes "The Producers" special is the most excellent written script with an excellent timing and some incredible characters. Also what makes the movie better then any other is the cast, everyone seems to be perfect in their role.

The movie has a priceless beginning and some very well done character introductions. Every time after you think you have seen the most crazy character, another even more crazier character shows up. The movie has some unforgettable characters such as Hold me, Touch me, Roger De Bris, Franz Liebkind and L.S.D. as an Hitler that you have never seen before.

The highlight of the movie are definitely the "Springtime for Hitler" musical scene's. It's pure genius and laugh out loud stuff. It's crazy and you know that it's just plain wrong but yet you can't help laughing at it, it's just so hilarious. Who would have ever thought you would laugh that hard at Nazi's.

A wonderful movie that is worth seeing time after time without ever getting boring or unfunny. A must see!


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