(Review originally written at 21 December 2005)

Problem with this movie is, is that it's way too messy. The movie features way too many characters and different plot lines which makes the movie unnecessary hard to follow.

This movie has almost nothing to do with any of the other 'Mariachi' movies and real main character of this movie is this time portrayed by Johnny Depp, who gets the most screen time and is by far the most interesting character of the movie. He really steals the show in every scene that he is in.

The fun feeling and over-the-top action sequences that were overly present in "Desperado" are sourly missing here. The movie its story takes itself way too serious and because of that, this movie isn't a particularly entertaining one to watch. It still has plenty of action sequences, both all of those moments feel forced and are made unnecessary silly and unbelievable at times.

It's pretty obvious that director Robert Rodriguez his good friend Quentin Tarantino, inspired him for this movie. The story of this movie is 'Tarantino' like and features lots of different odd characters and story lines that are all somehow connected. However Rodriguez simply is no Tarantino and he fails terribly with his story for this movie. He should stick to his own style and that is making movies with an high entertainment value that are very light to watch and always have some good action in it. This movie and its story all feel extremely messy and incoherent and the at times weak editing also doesn't add much good to the movie and its storytelling.

This movie is really stuffed with characters and big stars. It's really an overkill in this case and it makes the movie extra hard to follow at times. Sure its fun to see all those well known actors, who I all really like, but it simply doesn't work well for the story and the movie in general.

Don't go and see this expecting a "Desperado 2". This is a totally different movie with a totally different story and style, that just happens to feature the El Mariachi character in it. Basically his character could had easily been written out of the movie, once you really start thinking about it.

A messy movie with a messy story and too many characters and some forced action in it. Thank goodness Johnny Depp is still in this, he saves this movie from being a total disaster and still adds some fun and entertainment value to the movie.


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