(Review originally written at 16 March 2004)

"X-Men" was a bit of a disappointment to me. Don't get me wrong it was entertaining and fun but it didn't had the right comic book/cartoon feeling to me. "X2" is an huge improvement and it really surprised me how good this movie was! One of the surprises of the year!

Advantage of "X2" is that it doesn't have to waste time on character introduction because it begins were "X-Men" had ended. As a result the action starts right away! And what an action this movie has, the opening attack of Nightcrawler is truly spectacular and an achievement in movie making. The movie has many, many more spectacular fights of which you never get bored and that are all done wonderfully.

But not only the action has improved. Also the character have improved in a major way. Storm and Jean Grey have finally become much more interesting and had a bigger role to play, especially Jean Grey plays an important part this time.

Also the story has improved a lot. It is a much more interesting story compared to the first movie and it actually has the same feeling as the comics/cartoons, something the first movie was also lacking. I also like how they "teamed up" Magneto and Mystique with the x-men this time.

Another thing that had improved was the music. I'm sorry to say but Michael Kamen's score for "X-Men" was simply not good and didn't fitted the movie. John Ottman's "X2" score suits the movie much better and even gives it a more "superhero" feeling.

So all in all there are only improvements and there isn't much negative to say.

Great action, great characters, great story, great movie! Bring on part 3...and 4 and 5 and... See it, even if you didn't liked the first one very much, this movie is an huge improvement.


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