(Review originally written at 11 July 2005)

This movie delivers some solid entertainment and the 'new' way of movie making also makes this movie interesting to watch.

The visual look and feeling are fantastic. It's pretty obvious that Kerry Conran was inspired by "Metropolis". The atmosphere is truly wonderful and give the movie an unique look and feeling. I for one applaud this new way of movie making and I'm looking forward to new Kerry Conran projects.

Still the movie has many missed opportunities. From a movie like this you would expect many big spectacular dogfights but the movie and the action is set just mainly on the ground. The movie is more of an Indiana Jones like adventure than anything else. As for the action itself, it isn't incredibly memorable.

Oh and the movie features some horrible fake German accents. It's very obvious that the German persons in this movie are not played by real Germans. Not really a complaint but more something that could had been improved.

The movie features some well known actors and surprisingly the best in my eyes was Giovanni Ribisi. Truly the best role I have seen him in till date.

The story itself also isn't very appealing. The whole Totenkopf plot doesn't really work out well and I would had much more preferred the movie to concentrate more on the dogfights and those huge and fantastic destructive machines.

Still the movie does deliver some solid entertainment and more than enough visual beauty and I find this movie to be very recommendable.


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