(Review originally written at 8 November 2005)

This movie is a delightfully, simple, fun one. It's a good modern Hollywood update of the 1967 British movie with the same title starring Dudley Moore and Peter Cook.

The movie is perfectly written by Harold Ramis who puts some good and fun typical Ramis dialog in the movie. The movie consists out of several separate sequences that are all totally different. Every wish brings us to another world and another Elliot Richards, the main character played by Brendan Fraser. The first wish, where he becomes a Columbian drug lord is the best sequence. Unfortunately after that the movie never becomes as good as that but it's still fun enough all to regard this a good and successful comedy.

Elizabeth Hurley is perfect as the devil, with the emphasis on perfect. She plays her role with lots of profession and class and looks better than ever. Brandon Fraser shows his comical skills and he plays a diversity of different character but he plays them all very well and is good and believable as every character.

The movie most certainly isn't the best or most memorable comedy but it simply is great fun to watch. It doesn't make "Bedazzled" a must see but it certainly is a perfectly watchable movie for perhaps on a rainy afternoon.


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