(Review originally written at 11 November 2005)

This is a very beautiful film in several ways. It has a great original and fascinating story and way of storytelling and visual the movie looks splendid. It's really a beautiful, unique movie and I really wish more movies like this would be made more often.

This is certainly one of the most beautifully stylish movies of the last couple of years. It's visually spectacular to watch. The camera-work and lighting are wonderful and there are some impressive and memorable sequences. Especially the WW I fight sequences impressed and surprised me. They were filmed with lots of style and gruesomeness. Unfortunately very little movies involving around WW I are being made, even though it was a very interesting time period with an unique and new type of warfare. The battle sequences look all very impressive and were also quite intense at times.

But really, this is not a movie about the war. It's a movie thats about way more and has many different plot lines and characters. Main subject of the movie is love. Even though the movie is a drama it's more of a fun and lighthearted adventurous movie than a heavy tearjerker and emotional movie. It makes "Un long dimanche de fiançailles" a very pleasant movie to watch. This is mainly due to the great way of storytelling by director Jean-Pierre Jeunet, who knows how to bring a story original and in an intriguing way. At times it perhaps concentrates a bit too much on too many characters and story lines that don't really have anything important to do with the main storyline. It at times loses its focus on the love story of the movie and because of that the love story never really works out properly. This is also due to Gaspard Ulliel (the new young Hannibal Lecter in the upcoming new Hannibal movie) who has very little charisma and it's highly unbelievable that his character and Mathilde were in love with each other. The movie is truly style over substance sometimes but it in no way takes away any of the brilliance or enjoyability of the movie.

It's a real unique and enjoyable, beautiful film that is an absolute must see for everyone.


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