(Review originally written at 8 November 2005)

The first movie, "101 Dalmatians" wasn't already exactly a masterpiece but it still was a fun and enjoyable movie. This sequel is a pointless one and is too much of the same. Still the movie is fun enough to watch, especially for children.

Thank goodness that Glenn Close is still in this one. Without her the movie would had been terrible. She really plays her villainous role perfectly over-the-top, in an enjoyable way. GĂ©rard Depardieu supports her as another villain. He also is fun and over-the-top but his character doesn't feel completely necessary for the story. It was like his character was written for the story in case Glenn Close would say no to this sequel. Another returning actor is Tim McInnerny as the butler Alonzo. He already was perfectly cast and fun in the first movie and he gets luckily more to do in this movie. Main characters in this movie are played by Ioan Gruffudd and Alice Evans. Not the two most interesting actors if you asked me.

The story is perfectly simple, like a children's movie should be. It's filled with some humorous moments but it misses some of the slapstick and subtle comedy the first movie had.

Another thing that's missing is the Michael Kamen musical score. David Newman, who scored for this movie, is by no means a bad composer of course but Kamen his score had a more fun feeling that did good to the movie its atmosphere.

The movie yet again has some good looking costumes and this time they even got nominated for an Oscar for this.

The movie might be a bit too simple and too much like the first movie to be regarded as terribly original or good. Still this movie is perfectly fun to watch but by no means a must see, not even if you already have seen the first movie.


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