(Review originally written at 14 February 2005)

...and I guess I'm one of those who hates it. 'I simply don't get it' what it is that makes this movie so appealing to many. But seriously, best is to just go and watch this movie because it really is a matter of taste whether you will like this movie or not. So stop reading all these reviews and just pick up this movie.

"Rushmore" is a comedy but not a 'haha' kind of comedy (even though the school play Heaven and Hell was simply hilarious), it more is a social commentary. Most people just love this movie for being that but to me it just didn't appeal. I wasn't really a movie that I enjoyed watching. Still I have lots of respect for what the movie is but that doesn't mean I like it.

To be honest, I would have never even watched this movie if Bill Murray wasn't in it. He really was brilliant and truly should had gotten an Oscar for his role. I also really liked Brian Cox in his role and also look out for a at the time fairly unknown Connie Nielsen in a small role.

So anyway there is no point in saying for me if this movie is recommendable to you or not since it really truly is strongly a matter of taste. You'll either love it or 'don't get it' and hate it. I, for one, didn't liked it but like I said, I still have lots of respect for the movie. You decide for yourself what you think about this movie...


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