(Review originally written at 28 December 2005)

"Bad Boys II" is a late sequel to Michael Bay's successful enjoyable debut movie "Bad Boys" from 1995. Hey, but better late than never! Although "Bad Boys II" is not as good as the first, it still is a very enjoyable, entertaining popcorn flick with some spectacular action and two great main characters who have some fine chemistry together.

This movie is typical Michael Bay/Jerry Bruckheimer stuff, meaning that it's big, loud and just totally over-the-top in its action. Despite what many other people seem to think, I think that Michael Bay is a wonderful director. He knows how to create a big-budget action movie and he does it always with style and lots of sense for entertainment. Plus, his movies have what many other present action movies these days don't have; some good and respected actors in it. So to me it seems, that those who show hate toward Michael Bay/Jerry Bruckheimer movies, don't even like action movies in the first place. "Bad Boys II" is no different from any other Michael Bay/Jerry Bruckheimer production and is entertaining and over-the-top, made with an obvious big budget and some wonderful actors in it.

However the plot and story for this movie are just totally ridicules. However in this case the movie really is secondary. Primary element of the movie are the two main characters Marcus Burnett and Mike Lowrey, played by Martin Lawrence and Will Smith. They both are highly entertaining character, who show some great duo-chemistry on screen. The characters really carry the movie and are the main reason why this movie is so entertaining to watch. It was also great to see Joe Pantoliano reprising his role as police Captain and Peter Stormare is always enjoyable to watch.

There are some truly hilarious scene's in the movie but overall it has a bit too serious undertone at times. "Bad Boys" was certainly a movie that was more consistent in its entertainment and humor than this sequel. This is basically the only reason why I don't rate "Bad Boys II" as highly as I do "Bad Boys".

The big budget for this movie is well spend and there are truly some spectacular action sequences that are just completely over-the-top but are wonderful to watch for that very same reason. The action is well filmed and original from mainly a movie-technical point of view.

Appreciate the movie for what it is; pure entertainment...and this movie is a very entertaining action-flick alright!


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