(Review originally written at 30 December 2005)

"Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events" is a great children movie, no doubt about that. It's good entertainment to watch but still the movie leaves a bad aftertaste. It's because the movie has so many missed opportunities and could had been a so much better movie.

The sets are beautiful, the costumes are beautiful and so is the make-up. The cinematography is fine and the story is told in a good fast pace, even though the story takes quite some big leaps at times.

Jim Carrey obviously had fun playing all those different characters, with make-up on. He plays his roles entertainingly over-the-top which also makes it very fun for us the viewers to watch. Not his best role, but certainly one of his most entertaining ones. The movie also has other fin well known actors in it such as Billy Connolly, Meryl Streep and Timothy Spall, who all seemed to be enjoying themselves while making the movie. But also truly fine were the children actors who really were the heart and main characters of the movie. They were good and believable in their roles and made the movie because of that work.

The movie has a wonderful imaginative story, characters and events but none of it ever really grabbed me. The movie didn't handled the emotions really well, which must have been the main reason why the movie didn't really grabbed me. Sure, it was all good fun and beautiful to watch but I missed some depth in it all. A little bit more work on the script would had made the movie so much better to watch. Oh well, children will still love this movie though. It has all the elements in it to make this an entertaining movie to watch for the young ones.

Certainly one of the more entertaining movies of 2004 but not the must see I expected it to be.


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