(Review originally written at 28 December 2005)

This movie is certainly watchable enough but the movie at times falls flat with its story, that at times becomes quite ridicules.

It was great to see Robert Duvall and James Caan together again in this movie. Their scene's together were highly enjoyable and great to watch. The scene's in which they are together are highly professionally act in but those scene's are too few present in the movie. For some reason the movie highly under uses Robert Duvall.

At points the story is dragging and it never takes the right pace. On top of that there are some highly unlikely and to be frank totally uninteresting elements in the story which makes this movie an at times uneven one to watch.

Still "The Killer Elite" is an enjoyable '70's flick. This is of course mainly due to the presence of Caan and Duvall and some other fine well known actors but also thanks to the great action direction from director Sam Peckinpah. There really are some good action sequences that are well constructed and executed.

The '70's style and atmosphere and way of movie making is clearly present during the whole movie, which makes this movie a great one to watch for the fans of that movie period.

It's a perfectly watchable little '70's action/thriller but by no means it's a must see. When you get the chance, it's worth watching though.


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