(Review originally written at 20 September 2006)

You gotta love '70's porn! Funky music, big mustaches and lots of hair elsewhere, ugly men and women who seemed to be already well over 30 at the time. It seems that in the '70's age and looks were no requirements to enter the porn industry. It's funny to see how much the porn industry has changed. Just compare a '70's movie to a porn movie from this decade. The difference is so enormous, that '70's porn look so soft, friendly and almost innocent as well as simple amateur like looking, that it becomes often hilarious and entertaining to watch.

I think you could consider this movie to be a very soft-core one. Lot's of sexual actions are implied in the movie but very little is actually shown on screen. It makes the sex seem rather more distracting and boring than arousing and exciting. Basically only breasts are shown in this movie, which of course doesn't meet up by todays requirements.

Of course in a movie like this the story always becomes secondary but I do admire how they tried to give the story still a sort of main plot line, even though it makes far form sense all and is way too simple. It's not uncommon for porn movies to mix with well known stories and legends. This time the story of Jekyll and Hyde is the unlucky victim. Of course the movie doesn't follow the story at all and in this movie features a doctor who by an old book written by Mr. Hyde makes the formula to split his evil and good side. Only problem is that instead the good old doctors turn into a woman but hey this doesn't have to mean it's a problem right? Especially not in a simple, amateur like looking, sleazy '70's porn movie. The story doesn't ever really flow well and its totally unclear why Hide (the woman side of the doctor) kills all those innocent people. The movie seems to lack a real point and purpose with it's story but like I said before, I admire the attempt and it distinct this movie from most other '70's genre movies.

The movie is very cheap and amateur like looking with simple camera-work and scene build up. But I bet the actors (who of course are bad) had fun, with the 'real script' and characters they were portraying, rather than being in just another straight-forward porn movie without a storyline in it.

A must-see for the fans of '70's porn movies, which are quite a few.


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