(Review originally written at 20 September 2006)

I don't really understand why this movie is rated so highly, especially when compared to other far more superior Laurel & Hardy shorts.

Real problem with this movie is that it only relies on one comical premise. The jokes and humor are because of that restrained and too often too much of the same. The movie is lacking in some true laughs and comical/slapstick moments, even though of course the movie still perfectly entertains.

The story is simple and a remake of the far superior comedy short "Duck Soup". Of course Laurel & Hardy movies always have a simple story, as they should in my opinion but in this case some more creativity wouldn't had been a bad idea.

Not even James Finlayson in a small role can make the story feel lively and creative. Basically the most amusing character of the movie is being played by Charles K. Gerrard. Never a good sign when the most amusing character in a Laurel & Hardy movie is being played by a supporting actor. Sure, Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy are amusing in their roles and they provide the movie with some good moments but it all was a bit too simple for my taste and really lacked in true comical creativity.

Certainly not a bad movie and still worth seeing and entertaining enough but nevertheless the movie isn't as good or funny as the rating here at the moment (7.4) would suggest.


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