(Review originally written at 21 September 2006)

Out of all the Laurel & Hardy movies this is perhaps the one with the least flow and continuity.

"Saps at Sea" is the last Laurel & Hardy picture made for the Hal Roach studio's/MGM. It also was their last movie with regulars such as James Finlayson, Charlie Hall and Jack Hill. I wish I could say it was a worthy last one for all of them.

The movie is just a big pile up of comical situations without an obvious connection. It makes the movie feel very disjointed and therefor not always so fun to watch. You can say that the story of this movie is really about nothing.

Still of course the movie has got some great comical sequences. The movie might not always be constantly funny and dragging at points with its humor, but there are some memorable moments nevertheless, such as with the cross-eyed plumber played by Ben Turpin, in his last movie role before his death. The sequence with him really made me laugh out loud.

Not really a worthy last 'real' Laurel & Hardy movie but fun enough for a couple of laughs nevertheless.


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