(Review originally written at 8 November 2005)

This movie was really painful to watch. It was an extremely busy and annoying movie without anything funny or original ever happening. The humor was just completely wrong and totally unfunny.

The story is just basically about nothing and only serves as an opportunity for Mike Myers to show his silly antics on the screen. He is however given awful material to work with and an awful imagine-less director to direct him. The movie is annoyingly fast paced at times and it relies to heavily on just Mike Myers. Alec Baldwin does play an enjoyable and good 'villain' and they could had really used him better in this movie. There are really some missed opportunities here...OK I have to admit that there are some good and funny moments but really not enough to save this movie from being a disaster.

I did liked the visual style in this weird typical fabricated world with all those weird looking sets and colors. It really reminded me of the Tim Burton movie "Edward Scissorhands". No wonder it did, director Bo Welch worked on "Edward Scissorhands" as the production designer. Unfortunately the visual style is underused and doesn't play a significant enough role in the movie. While watching this movie I really kept on wishing that Tim Burton would had directed this movie with perhaps starring Johnny Depp, how perfect would that had been?

I don't see how anyone could like this movie and I most certainly can not recommend this movie to anyone, especially not to children. If this was a movie made for children than it was done completely wrong. There is nothing to enjoy or find imaginative in this annoying, loud, too fast paced mess of a movie, that has totally no story and a wobbly message in it.


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