(Review originally written at 1 October 2003)

Entertaining movie that especially the kids will like.

The story is simple and easy to follow without any logic. In other words a appealing nonsense movie for kids that want to have a good time. Luckily there also are some jokes for the adults. Especially the "Patton" scene in which composer Jerry Goldsmith spoofs himself is priceless.

Director Joe Dante goes "Gremlins" style again, although he uses the same elements the movie is not near as good but it certainly has the same amount of fun, maybe even more.

What makes the movie are the wonderful toys. The Commando Elite is certainly a great piece of toy that kids will find very appealing. The Gorgonites are pretty lame and a bit too childish at times but luckily the movie focuses more on The Commando Elite. What makes the toys really cool is the wonderful voice cast, Tommy Lee Jones is really awesome as Maj. Chip Hazard, the leader of the gang.

The "human" cast is also great. It has a great kid cast and the parents are portrayed very entertaining especially Phil Hartman (RIP) and Wendy Schaal as Phil and Marion Fimple. Jay Mohr and David Cross are also good for some comical situations.

The special effects are also wonderful. The toys really come alive in a way you couldn't possibly imaging.

Stereotype kids movie with an easy to follow story that maybe at some points is a bit too childish but very appealing to kids nevertheless.


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